How To Fix Brother printer offline in windows 10,8,7

 If your Brother printer is offline on your Windows Device so this is somewhat common issue but in this brief tutorial I'm going to show you guys a quick fix so before we do anything this tutorial please ensure your printer is all hooked up as it should be if it's a wireless printer please make sure that the wireless capabilities are enabled on the printer this tutorial is pretty much geared towards those who had a working normal printer and then all the sudden out of the blue it's no longer working and it shows that the printer is offline on your computer so we're going to jump right into it and we are going to start by heading over and opening up the Start menu and we're going to type in Devices.

 And Printers other one is ten and should come up right above control panel on Windows 8 and earlier should you say Devices and Printers you want to open that up this is basically just a shortcut to get to the Devices and Printers section of the control panel and then we're going to select our printer from the list it'll typically have a green circle and a white check mark in the middle of it I do not have one listen here because I guess I do not have a default printer but I'm just letting you guys know that you should be able to identify your printer from this list so I'm going to select what appears to be my Canon printer right-clicking on it and then I'm gonna select printer preferences should be a third option down and then I'm going to select  Brother Printer properties should be the fourth option down so underneath general you want to left click on change properties at the bottom left corner here you want to go underneath ports the ports and that comes up so click on the port's tab now and now whatever one is currently selected you want a left click on configure port this blend should not be down if these buttons are greyed out you want underneath a different area so please rewatch part of this video going back a few seconds and just make sure you're underneath an area that these options are not grayed out and you're able to select them so we're going to select configure port now there should be something near the bottom that says SNMP status enabled you want to check mark inside this box keep these default values the same and then click on OK and then once you're done doing that you can click on close to close out of this window and you should be good to go. 

After that if you think that you have any query you can contact our support team who available 24*7 for customer service Brother Printer Offline Windows Fix +1-844-673-7300 and resolve your errors.

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