How do I get my Brother printer back online?


Is your printer not working and showing ‘Printer Offline’ message again and again? Then it's confirmed that your printer has some issue it in. the difficulty are often in hardware and/ or in software.

Brother printers are well-built and sturdy devices dedicated to print high-quality documents. Brother printers are convenient devices to figure for and are suitable for both home and office purposes. But sometimes, you'll receive a mistake message “Brother Printer Is Offline” while printing any documents. Before you fix the difficulty , you ought to know why such a problem arises and the way to troubleshoot them.

The reason behind this issue might be a mistake in Wi-Fi, connectivity and power supply. So, check your internet connection and power supply. Also, ensure whether or not they are connected properly or not as this is often the sole thanks to get obviate this hurdle. you'll either solve this issue by performing troubleshooting steps or taking the assistance of experts also .


When your Brother printer goes offline, you'll face issues while getting prints. Therefore, the difficulty got to be solved soon. If your printer is showing Offline issue then you would like to see a couple of things before getting to solve the difficulty .

First, verify if your printer is on
  • If you notice that the screen of your brother printer is black then it means it's not ON. In such a case you ought to check the printer, and wake it up from the sleep mode and switch it on.
  • If you're unable to show it on then confirm that it's connected to a working power socket.
  • When your printer activates , check the LCD screen to ascertain if it's a mistake message thereon . like low ink or empty ink cartridges or paper jam issues. Sometimes thanks to these small issues your printer can also become offline and deny from printing.

Make sure that printer is connected to PC

  • If you're using the USB cable to attach your printer with PC, then make sure the cable is connected well. If the cable is loose and not connected well with the pc then you'll face brother printer offline issue.
  • To solve the difficulty , connect the printer directly with the pc using the wireless method.
  • If you're using coaxial cable to attach your printer with the router then confirm that cable is firmly connected. Also, confirm that your printer and computer both are becoming full network.
  • Use the Network Configuration page to understand the IP address, if you've got established the wireless connection.

Ensure that your Brother printer is about as Default

If your printer (that you're using for printing) isn't set because the default printer, then it's going to be the explanation for Brother Printer is an offline issue.

  • To solve the issue first set your Brother Printer as a default printer.
  • Secondly, delete all the previous printing commands.

Check if your Brother printer is offline

  • If your printer is offline then you'll have printer offline issue
  • Therefore, to see the difficulty , attend the printer’s window:
  • Select your printer and right-click
  • In the menu select “See what’s printing”
  • In this window click on Printer
  • Now select “Use Printer Online”
If you're unaware of the cause that's causing the brother printer offline issue, then read further to understand major reasons behind printer offline error. As knowledge about the cause is required before you breakthrough to its troubleshooting steps because it helps users in solving the error easily.



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